Welcome to Daisy's Page.

I am a Bearded Collie girl named Daisy.

Bearded Collie is a kind of sheep dog originated in Scotland.

I was born on March 12, 1996, in Tokyo, Japan.

I became a mother on September 14, 2000, and started "Daisyjapan JP Kennel".

Ariel remained with me and therefore our house has became two-beardiful.

And then on April 4, 2005, Ariel had a litter, out of which we kept Mia.

So now I'm a grandma beardie.

Click on the portrait below and enjoy my page.

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August 27, 2015


2016 BOW Calendar

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Ollie @ Rainbow Bridge
Ollie, one of Daisy's pups, left his family for Reinbow Bridge on June 3rd, 2015
He was 14 years and 6 months old. We miss him.

Happy Easter from Ariel-Bunny

2015 New Year Card

2015 New Year Card Contest - Result

2014 New Year Card

2014 New Year Card Contest - Result

Mia @ Rainbow Bridge
Mia Left for the Rainbow Bridge on August 16, 2013
after fighting for 37 days in the hospital.
She was such a lovely and beloved beardie girl.
We miss her so much.

2013 A Happy New Year!
Mia has become International Champion
and selected as The Best of the Best of the Breedof 2011
(= The Pedigree Award Beaded Collie Bitch 2011).

Our human dad's father passed away on March 13, 2011,
so we didn't make new the New Year Card according to a Japanese custom.
Here's our season's Greetings.

Daisy @ Reinbow Bridge
Daisy left for the Rainbow Bridge on June 14, 2011.
She was 15 years 3 months and 2 days old.
Thank you for loving her so much.

See Daisy in BDN Blog
(Daisy's pictures and videos)

2011 New Year Card
This is our New Year Card. I hope you'll like it.
Mom took this picture last August in front of cabbage patch overlooking Mt. Asama.

has left for Rainbow Bridge on October 26.
He was 10 years and 1 month old.
His family and we are so saddened.
Please remember Walt by looking at these pages:
Daisy's First Litter
Angel's Photo Diary
Walt as a Baby
Walt's Diary
Movie Theater

April 4th is Arielpups' Birthday.
Happy Birthday Robin, Tuck, Marian, Mia, and Little John at RB!

We had a Birthday Bounce in a dogrun in Tokyo.
They are now 5 years old!
Click here to see their pictures when they were babies.

March 24 is Little John's Day
Little John's corner in his house.
Yellow roses in the white cup with a brown bear is sent by our humans this year.
The wreath on the picture is the one they sent two years ago.
Click on the picture above to see more of his pictures.

March 12th was Daisy's 14th Birthday.!
Happy Birthday!
Thank you very much for all of your birthday wishes for me!
Einstein moved to the Rainbow Bridge.
He and his family are true heoros.
Thank you very much for all of your support.
Einstein's Story Page1 Page2

Einstein became 15!
See Update here.

2010 New Year Card Contest - Result
2010 New Year Card Contest - Candidates

2010 New Year Card

2000/9/14 - 2010/1/10

SIRE: AM CH JKC CH H'appeny Harriman (Harriman)
DAM: Beatrice of Daikai JP (Daisy)

Daisy's beautiful blue girl Aurora Belle left for the Rainbow Bridge
on January 10th, 2010, because of Hemangiosarcoma.
She was 9 years and 3 months young.
It was so sudden...just several days after she was diagnosed as Hemangiosarcoma.
Her family and we are so sorry and will miss her forever.

She was beautiful, funny, clever, strong, loving, crazy about tennis balls etc....
in short she was a Great Beardie Girl.

    Rob Roy (Daisyjapan JP Choir Angel)
2000/09/14 - 2009/12/6
SIRE: AM CH JKC CH H'appeny Harriman (Harriman)
DAM: Beatrice of Daikai JP (Daisy)
Daisy's son, Roy, left for the Rainbow Bridge
after fighting against liver cancer.
He had loved and had been loved for 9 years and 2 months.
We'll remember him and hold him in our hearts for ever.

May 16, 2009 Mia became JKC Champion!

In Memory of Little John
Daisyjapan JP Bonnie Fellow
(2005/4/4 - 2006/3/24)

Click here to see the photos of Little John when he was a baby.
Baby No.3 is Little John.
Click here to see Little John when he was a young pup.

Mom donated some money to BeaCon - Bearded Collie Foundation for Health
and received this small Beardie Angel pin. Isn't it beautiful?
If you were interested in, go visit their webpage and become a donor yourself.

This is Daisy

This is Daisy !

Daisy's 8 Generation Pedigree

Daisy's Pedigree

Want to try the Great Canadian Twist?
Would you like to look like me?
With an instruction how to make it by Gwynn Sullivan

Ribbons Sent by Gisselle
See the pictures of me wearing Gisselle's ribbon.
You can order original ribbons at Gisselle's Ribbon Creation Shop.
All of the profit will go to beardie rescues.

Daisy's Treasure Island

Daisy's First Litter (2000)

Daisy Babies' Photo Diary (2000)
Look how they were like just after births.

Daisy's Greeting Cards

2005 New Year Page

2003 Christmas

753 Festival

Autumnal Moon Viewing Day

Tanabata Star Festival
My Wish

4th of July

Easter Page

Hina Matsuri (Girls' Festival)

St. Valentine's Day
Hobo is my Valentine.

Daisy's Valentine Page

Hobo's Valentine Page for Daisy.

Our 2006 St. Valentine Page

Hobo's 8th Birthday

Daisy's 8th Birthday Photos

Setubun Festival

2006 New Year Card

Our 2005 New Year Card

New Year Greetings from Daisy and Ariel 2004

New Year Greetings from Daisy and Ariel 2003

Christmas Greetings from Daisy and her pups

This is Ariel

This is Ariel

Ariel's Puppies
See how they have grown.

Ariel's Marriage

Ariel's Show Life: Challenge to International Championship

Ariel is featured in a dog magazine (2004/4/11)

Ariel's Show Life (2002/2/4)

Ariel's Photo Diary Summer 2001 (2002/3/12)

Ariel's Photo Diary (2001/2/12)

Summer Greetings from Ariel

Ariel's New Pedigree (2002/2/4)

Ariel's 8-generation Pedigree (2002/2/4)

Ariel's Birthday Picnic(2003/9/14)

Ariel's Birthday Party (2002/9/14)

Pup's 2nd Birthday (2002/9/14)

Daisy's First Litter

Daisy Babies' Photo Diary (2000)
Look how they were like just after births.

My Other Puppies

Aurora Belle's Page (2004/3/12) New
This is Aurora Belle

Belle by the Bay (2002 BCCA National)

Aurora Belle's Easter Card

Aurora Belle's 8 Generation Pedigree

Olie (Scott) 's Page (2002/1/5)

Rob Roy's Page (2003/3/21)

Al and Roy's Diary

Wan Wan Moomin and Walt
Look at photos and movies of Walt. Updated often.

Daisy's Pups' 2nd Birthday (2002/9/14)

Daisy's Pups' 1st Birthday Bounce in Nagano (2001/8/25)

Daisy Pups' 1st Birthday Bounce in Nagano Picture Show
Made an Album with the pictures from last August.
Turn the volume up to enjoy the music, too.

BDN Beardie Bounce at Shinozaki (2001/5/5)

Daisy Angels' Picnic (2001/1/4).

Daisy's First Litter (2000)

Daisy Babies' Photo Diary (2000)
Look how they were like just after births.

Recent Beardie Bounces and Trips

2nd All-Japan Beardie Bounce at the foot of Mt. Fuji

Mini Bounce at Yokohama International Dog Show

Beardie Bounce near Mt. Fuji (2001/11/25)

Daisy's Pups' 1st Birthday Bounce in Nagano (2001/8/25)

Daisy in Kurumayama Heights (in Japanese) (2001/6)

BDN Beardie Bounce in Sendai (2001/5/20)

BDN Beardie Bounce at Shinozaki (2001/5/5)

BDN Beardie Bounce in Hamamatsu (2001/4/29)

My Trip to Fukushima (2001/4/14)
Meet my pal, Alex.

BDN Beardie Bounce in Tohoku (2001/4/15)

Daisy Angels' Picnic (2001/1/4)

Beardies in Japan

BDN Logo
Mailing list with 500 Japanese Beardie lovers

Beardie Rescue Network

Japanese Beardie Pages
Visit my friends' pages.

See the Beauty of the Real Time Mt. Fuji

My barks are off for the time being. Sorry. (Daisy)
You are my guest No. since Sept. 12, 1997

Our 310000th guests were Miss Willow the Beardie,
Master Pippin the Miniature Poodle,and their mom Angela
from Cape Town, South Africa, who visited our page
at about 21:45 (JST) on September 23, 2009.
Thank you very much!
I wonder who will be our 320,000th guest.

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