Peach BlossomsHina Matsuri (Girls' Festival)

March 3

Hina Matsuri

Four Pairs of Hina Dolls

Emperor and Empress

Mickey and Minnie

Are these mine?

Mickey and Minnie
Hishimochi CakeHishimochi Cake

Hobo and Daisy

Standing Hina DollsHina Matsuri (Girls' Festival) is cerebrated on March 3rd and is an occasion to pray for young girl's healthy growth and happiness. Most homes with girls display dolls for Hina Matsuri. Therefore it is also called Doll's Festival. They dedicate to dolls peach blossoms, rice cake cubes, special colored and diamond-shaped rice cakes, white sake, and other items. The origin of Hina Matsuri is an ancient Chinese practice in which the sin of the body and misfortune are transferred to a doll and washed away by setting the doll in a river to drift away. When this practice spread in Japan, it was linked to girl's playing with dolls, and in the Edo Period(1603-1867) it was developed into Hina Matsuri.


Daisy and Ariel's Hina Matsuri, 2002 (English)

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