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Pages of My Puppies

Daisy's Pups' 2nd Birthday (2002/9/14)

Daisy's Pups' 1st Birthday Bounce in Nagano

Daisy Pups' 1st Birthday Bounce in Nagano Picture Show
Made an Album with the pictures from last August.
Turn the volume up to enjoy the music, too.

Ariel's Show Life (11/4)

Ariel's Photo Diary (2/12)

Ariel's Pedigree (2/15)

Aurora Belle's Page (12/31)

Olie (Scott) 's Page (5/3)

Rob Roy's Page (9/7)

Al and Roy's Diary

Wan Wan Moomin and Walt
Look at photos and movies of Walt. Updated often.

Daisy Angels' Picnic (1/4)

Daisy's First Litter (2000)
Look how they were like in the photo diary

Daisy's Marriage, Pregnancy, and Delivery

Recent Beardie Bounces and Trips

Beardie Bounce near Mt. Fuji

Daisy's Pups' 1st Birthday Bounce in Nagano

Daisy in Kurumayama Heights (in Japanese) (8/4)

BDN Beardie Bounce in Sendai (5/20)

BDN Beardie Bounce at Shinozaki (5/5)

BDN Beardie Bounce in Hamamatsu (4/29)

My Trip to Fukushima (4/14)
Meet my pal, Alex.

BDN Beardie Bounce in Tohoku (4/15)

Daisy Angels' Picnic (1/4)
Kotetsu the Rescued (11/4)
Kotetsu has found him a forever home !

Billy the Rescued (8/30)
Billy has found him a forever home !

Ribbons Sent by Gisselle (4/7)
See the pictures of me wearing Gisselle's ribbon.
You can order original ribbons at Gisselle's Ribbon Creation Shop.
All of the profit will go to beardie rescues.

Sayaka's Drawing: A Portrait of Daisy Family (4/5)

This is Daisy !

Want to try the Great Canadian Knot?
Would you like to look like me?
With the instruction to show how to make it by Gwynn Sullivan!

Daisy's Greeting Cards
Send Daisy Cards to your friends!

BDN Logo
Mailing list with 200 Japanese Beardie lovers

Beardie Rescue Network

Japanese Beardie Pages
Visit my friends' pages.

1999 BCCA National Specialty Report (9/9)

Bearded Friends around the WorldPhotos of 67 beardies from all over the world

Bearded Friends at Rainbow Bridge
Click on the rainbow to see tribute pages for Casey, Cindy, Patty, Nikki, Billy, .Jullie, Bogie, Rudolf, and Daisy in California..

BDN PicnicsBDN Beardie Picnics

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