"Zehi Fuji-san ni noboritai desu"

(A) "Sensei kotoshi wa zehi nihongo no benkyo o ganbari masu."
(I want to improve my Japanese much more this year.)
(B) "Class-kai niwa kitto minna ni kite hoshii desu."
(I hope that all members will come this class reunion.)
These sentences were in the new year's cards from my students.
They are a little bit strange.
The correct sentences are as follows.
(A) "Sensei kotoshi wa kitto nihonngo no benkyo o ganbarimasu ne."
(B) "Class-kai niwa zehi minna ni kite hoshii desu."
"zehi""kitto" "kanarazu" are very similar words, so many students
wonder which one to use. This month we will show you the basic
meanig of these words.

They are adverbs and strengthen the meaning of the sentences.

1, "zehi" expresses a request and a hope. So we usually use"zehi"

with "-tekudasai" ,"-tehoshii" or " -tai"

"Zehi Fujisan ni noboritai."
(I want to climb Mt.Fuji so much. )
"Zehi asobini kite kudasai."
(I am very happy to have you at my house.)
The sentence(A) expresses determination. So it is strange
if you use "zehi".
2, "kitto" expresses a determination , a inference (the conclusive inference)
and a request. So we usually use "kitto"with "-masu yo (-masune)" ,
"-desu yo " , " -desyo"or " -tekudasai ".

"Okarisita okane wa kitto kaesimasu."
(I am sure to return the money I owed you..)
"Kare wa kitto dokushin yo."
(He must be a bachelor.)
"Ashita wa kitto ame desyo."
( It will surely rain tommorrow.)
"8-ji niwa kitto kite kudasai."
(Please be sure to come at 8 o'clock.)
The sentence (B) is one's hope, so it is strange if you use "kitto"
3, " kanarazu" expresses that a certain result will happen under a certain condition,
like the nature law, logic , the common idea , the habit and so on.
We use "kanarazu" not only with the expression of the conviction but with
the expression of an inference , a request and determination.
But the nuance is a little bit different from "zehi" "kitto" " kanarazu".
It contains the feeling of certainty.

"Haru ni nareba kanarazu takusan hana ga saku."
(the nature law)---a
(When spring comes , many flowers bloom.)
"Kare wa mai-asa kanarazu ha o migaku.(a habit)---b
(He brushes his teeth every morning.)
"Kusuri o nomeba kanarazu yoku nari masu."---c
(If you take medicine you will surely recover.)
"Sonna koto o shitara sensei wa kanarazu okorudesho."---d
( If you do such a thing , the teacher will certainly get angry.)
"Kare wa yoku benkyo suru kara kanarazu gokaku suru ni chigainai."---e
(He studies hard , so it is certain that he will pass
the entrance examination without fail.)
"8-ji ni kanarazu kitekudasai." ---f
(Do not fail to come at 8 o'clock! )
"Kanarazu yakusoku wa mamorimasu." ---g
(I will keep my promises at any cost.)
"c,d,e,f,g "can be replaced with "kitto" and "f "can also be replaced with "zehi"
"a.b" can not be replaced with "kitto" or "zehi" .

For your convenience we will show you the table of the usage of

" zehi" "kitto" "kanarazu"

a hope Kare ni zehi kite moraitai.
Kare ni zehi kite hoshii.
//////////////// Kare ni kanarazu kite
Kare ni kanarazu kite
a request
(a order)
feeling of wish)
Zehi kite kudasai.
feeling of expectation)
Kitto kite kudasai ne.
feeling of conviction)
Kanarazu kite kudasai.
Kanarazu kinasai.
////////////////// Kitto ikimasu. Kanarazu ikimasu.
an inference ////////////////// ( subjective inference)
Kare wa kitto kuru desyo.
Kare wa kitto kuru hazuda.
Kare wa kitto kuru
ni chigainai.
( objective inference
Kare wa kanarazu kuru
Kare wa kanarazu kuru
Kare ha kanarazu kuru
ni chigainai.
a conviction /////////////////// (subjective conviction)
Kare wa kitto kuru.
Kono kusuri o nomeba
kitto naoru.
Kare wa kitto dokushin yo.
(objective conviction)
Kare wa kanarazu kuru.
Kono kusuri o nomeba
kanarazu naoru.
a certain result
(natures law
//////////////////// //////////////////// Haru ni nareba kanarazu hana ga saku.
Kare wa asa kanarazu
ha o migaku.(a habit)

Now you learned how to use them. So I'd like to
"Zehi watashi tachi no Home page o mite skudasai.
Soshite kanarazu oboete kudasai. Kitto yakuni tachimasu."
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