Passive voice
Sensei wa watashi o hometa. (The teacher praised me.)
Let's rewrite this sentence from the speaker's viewpoint.

Watashi wa sensei ni homerareta. (I was praised by the teacher.)

The subject and the particles are changed and verbs are also changed into
passive verbs.
The subject is the person who receives the act. And the person who is
indicated by particle" Ni" is the actor.

The following table shows how to make passive verbs.
Verbs Passive verbs-Polite form Passive verbs-Plain form
group 1 nusumimasu nusumaremasu nusumareru
kamimasu kamaremasu kamareru
group 2 tabemasu taberaremasu taberareru
homemasu homeraremasu homerareru
group 3 kimasu koraremasu korareru
simasu saremasu sareru